Where do you make your art work?

me listening intently at an evening studio crit.

Making art work can be a fragile enough thing that needing to get something out or pack something away can be enough to destroy it. For some people, walking or being somewhere else is key to unlocking creative thinking, and so too can a degree of displacement and foreignness be exhilarating and inspiring, but for most people ‘a room of one’s own’ is still a basic requirement.

Free Art Friday


Free Art Friday is a global initiative which began ten years ago. Its existence and popularity continues to grow largely thanks to social media. The object is to place an artwork on the street for any member of the public to enjoy and take home.

Jerwood Drawing Prize 2014


Drawing might be particularly hard to pin down as it lies at the root of much creative practice and serves as a place for working out ideas. It is often economically viable when all other options are closed and the works in this show demonstrate that material simplicity need not be a hindrance to the curious artist.