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Drawing the digital

Douglas Coupland

What is the Digital Draw? This is the question that has been buzzing round my head since I attended a day long Seminar at the Drawing Room in London. I wanted to report back to you with my findings from the day and try to bring up some ideas that you might like to debate below.

Photography Matters ii

Breightmet, Bolton 2009, Les Monaghan

Here are some thoughts on how the Photography Matters symposium came to be. I think the doubts and fears, and above all the questions I have, and have had, around the medium may be familiar to many of you. Photography Matters is intended to be read two ways; matters pertaining to photography, and as a statement affirming that photography matters to us all.

The anxiety of influence


I have been to several exhibitions over the last few weeks and have been aware how important earlier artists have been to the ones that follow them. The phrase “anxiety of influence” was coined by the American literary critic, Harold Bloom in his eponymous book about poets, published in 1973. And writers have been worrying about it ever since. Visual artists seem less worried.

OCA’s MA Fine Art

MA 1

The March assessment results are in and for some students it marks the end of their degree level study with the Open College of the Arts. For those wishing to continue forward and for other artists and practitioners wanting to pursue postgraduate education, OCA’s MA Fine Art is a three-year, part-time programme offering students academic challenge and innovative delivery.

The nearest faraway place

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 13.51.10

The nearest faraway place has been a bounding collaborative experience for 35 OCA students spanning almost three years. Students worked together to create the handmade book which is more or less 9.60 meters long and about 2.5 cm thick. Read about the project and see the results…

Ian McKeever talks about painting

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 15.54.01

In choosing to make a painting you are choosing to use paint. That maybe a tautology but I just want to start with it as I want to emphasise the significance of that material. That choice, the significance of that material, immediately becomes part of your subject matter.

Getting the most out of your learning log


One of the key components in developing your learning log or blog is visual analysis – looking at, selecting and recording the artists/photographers who you find interesting, challenging or useful in progressing your work. The more you document and reflect upon those creative practitioners who have had a ‘marmite effect’ on you, the more you will improve both your critical thinking and creative skills.

Foundations Creative Writing


We are pleased to announce a new addition to our foundations suite of courses – Foundations Creative Writing. The course is designed to inspire and encourage new students to practise independent writing.

Photography Matters


Photography Matters is a one-day OCA conference to be held at CAST, Doncaster, South Yorkshire on Saturday 21 May 2016. It seeks to map out areas for discussion in photography’s relationship to the everyday lived experience, visual culture, evolving technology, archiving and history, news media, education at all levels and public perception.