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Study is a marathon, not a sprint


As you may have noticed, the 2016 Rio Olympics have got underway. Among those athletes going for gold, I would recommend keeping your eyes on the long distance runners – imitating some of their strategies will maximise your chances of successfully completing your studies.

Making the course work for you


As a tutor for the OCA I have at times had expressed to me a frustration from students on aspects of the course projects being a bit “vague”, or to put it another way, that there isn’t a clear set of instructions, such as “do this, now do that, in order to produce X,” and I thought it might be beneficial to current students to discuss this topic in a bit more detail…

Study Visit: Making Space

Jug of Tulips by Suzy Shackleton

Join OCA textiles tutor Priscilla Jones at the Silk Museum in Macclesfield on the 6 August. We will visit Making Space the latest exhibition from the internationally renowned 62 Group of Textile Artists.

Making the most of the OCA community


At the OCA, our main way of connecting with each other is online which can feel more distant to meeting up face-to-face. But, if you’re a modern-day-human embracing social media, then how much of your social life is conducted and organised online now anyway? Whilst there’s plenty of debate to be had about whether this way of communicating is more beneficial, there’s no denying its popularity.

Study visit: New Designers

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 15.44.19

On Saturday 2 July OCA tutor Sandra Flower will once again be hosting a study visit to the New Designers Exhibition at the Business Design Centre in London. New Designers is an annual event that showcases the work of the UK’s emerging designers. It is a huge design fair exhibiting the work of over 1500 students.

Edinburgh Festival 2016


Edinburgh Festival is actually a suite of festivals. I think probably what most people think of now as the Edinburgh Festival is actually a fringe festival, developed as an adjunct to the Edinburgh International Festival. We now have 12 festivals running in Edinburgh, with 6 of those running concurrently during August.

To cite, or not to cite…


That is the question…. of plagiarism!
One of the issues that crops up repeatedly around assessment time is referencing academic writing. What do I reference? How do I reference? How do I know if it needs referencing? – all these are perfectly valid questions and frequent concerns.