Election for OCASA President

As students will have seen in Stan Dickinson’s announcement last week, he is stepping down from the role of OCASA President, early next year. We need to begin a process to find his replacement and this is the formal announcement of an election for that role.

The Role

Stan has prepared a document (pdf here) with background about OCASA and further information about the role of President. He will be happy to answer any questions and discuss the role with those interested; you can contact him via president@ocasa.org.uk


All students currently studying with OCA are eligible to stand and to vote. Students who wish to stand for election may nominate themselves, or be nominated by another student (with the nominee’s permission, of course). Please email a 250 word election statement (setting out why other students should choose you) and a 250 word personal biography (setting out information that you think other students should know about you) to the returning officer, Dee Whitmore (deewhitmore@oca-uk.com ) by 17:00 BST on Monday 26th November.


An election announcement, with details of the candidates and instructions on how to vote, will be published on WeAreOCA on Wednesday 28th November. Students will then have until 17:00 BST on Tuesday 18th December to register their vote.

(Please note that, if there is only a single nomination for any OCASA committee post, that student is elected unopposed to the committee and their statements published on WeAreOCA as a matter of record.)


Election results will be published on WeAreOCA on Friday 21st December.

Stan is planning a handover process, with the new President taking over from 1st February 2013, or thereabouts.

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