Author: ChrisLawry

Study visit review: OCA music composition workshop

In late July, OCA music students from across the UK and Europe met up at the MAC Birmingham for a day of music making and discussion with music tutor Chris Lawry and saxophonist and publisher Keri Degg. The day was focussed on writing for saxophone with a particular emphasis on composing music for educational and examination purposes. Students got to hear their compositions workshopped and received feedback and advice from tutor and performers, as well as bound scores and recordings to take away for further study.

Music composition workshop

Join OCA tutor Chris Lawry and saxophonist, composer and publisher Keri Degg on Saturday 29 July 2017 for a composition workshop at MAC Birmingham. The day will consist of advice and discussion on writing for saxophone and getting pieces published and will feature performances and feedback of student compositions.

The Ghost of Musicals Past: Marni Nixon

A news item from this week probably quietly slipped past most people, announcing the death of soprano Marni Nixon. For those unaware of her body of work, I can assure you that you most probably have enjoyed the fruits of her labour at some point, and perhaps without even knowing it!

Discovery and Collaboration

Whilst preparing a piece for the recent Composition Workshop, Jerry Mayle decided to pursue a slightly different path than what was originally called for. Jerry asked tutor Andy Glover-Whitley in advance about the possibility of making changes and he got more than he bargained for in the process…

Study visit review: vocal composition recordings

On Saturday 2nd April, OCA music students gathered together from far and wide to pack out Music Room 1 of the MAC Birmingham. Students had a unique opportunity to write pieces for mezzo soprano and piano which would be recorded, premiered and discussed on the day with tutors and fellow students.

Student Work: Helmuts Feldmanis

Early in 2015 I wrote the WeAreOCA blog ‘Go on, get it played!’ about the advantages of students gaining knowledge through collaborations. These experiences are often crucial in developing orchestration skills and a personal compositional voice. Recently, OCA music student Helmuts Feldmanis got in touch about one of his recent collaborations.

Remote collaborations: Atlantic Fusion

One of the many benefits of the rapid pace of technological advancement in music software, and of the internet, are the increased possibilities open to collaborating creatively from remote locations; creating music with people that have never even physically met!

Study Visit: Vocal Composition Workshop

Join OCA’s Andy Glover and Chris Lawry on Saturday 2 April 2016 between 9.30am and 5pm for a composition workshop at MAC Birmingham. The day will consist of advice and discussion on writing for Voices, and will feature recordings and feedback of student compositions for mezzo soprano.