Author: Doug Burton

OCASA funded Student Workshops

There are many challenges for students to overcome through distance learning; engaging with other likeminded students to create your own peer network has to be one of the trickiest. I believe that if students can find the time, the use of OCASA funded workshops has to be a tangible benefit to a student’s learning across all programmes.

Jim Unsworth

As some of you may know Jim Unsworth recently made the difficult decision to stop tutoring with the OCA in order to focus his time on his growing arts practice. I thought it might be a good idea to take it upon myself to write a blog post on Jim in order to celebrate his contribution to arts education and give you my perspective of his sculpture and drawings that span nearly 40 years.

The purpose of drawing

My role as programme leader for the new Drawing Degree has brought me to Chester University to participate in the iJADE conference 2016. Delegates had come from all round the world to present papers on a wide range of approaches to drawing. My interest in attending was both to discover new perspectives in drawing as a tool for education and also to consider the way practitioners from a wide variety of fields are using drawing as a major part of their research.

Drawing the digital

What is the Digital Draw? This is the question that has been buzzing round my head since I attended a day long Seminar at the Drawing Room in London. I wanted to report back to you with my findings from the day and try to bring up some ideas that you might like to debate below.

Redefining Print

I recently attended the ‘Redefining Print’ symposium at the Exeter Phoenix arts venue and wanted to share with you some of the topics and ideas covered. What was amazing about the day was the way it set out to expand our understanding of print within a contemporary arts context…

Physical Photography

A new type of interface for the ipad will make the virtual easily accessible to everyone. I have been interested in 3D scanning since 2000 when I was first introduced to the possibilities of scanning and 3D printing whilst studying…

Futurefest 2013

The Global Village Construction Set, Planetery Sculptors and the Future of Society, at Futurefest 2013. These were just some of the mind-blowing concepts being given to a hungry audience, seeking glimpses of our future history at Shoreditch Town Hall in…

Melting at the Hepworth

This is a post from the archive. Information contained within it may now be out of date.   On a bright and meltingly hot day 9 students joined myself at the Hepworth for a full day of viewing. My…

Drawing in space

This is a post from the archive. Information contained within it may now be out of date.   Doug Burton reports on two new works at the Serpentine in Kensington Gardens and finds an interesting conceptual linking between this…