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Reading habits

I’m an avid reader and am also fascinated by other people’s reading habits. For the last fifteen years I’ve recorded the title and author of every book I’ve finished (unfinished ones don’t count, it’s one of the odd little rules I have) in a dedicated notebook, and enjoy geekily looking through it sometimes to see what books I’ve read and when.

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Street View – A Creative Writing Workshop and Walk

On Saturday 24 October Vicky will be leading a creative writing workshop as part of Sheffield’s Off the Shelf Festival of Words. The first half of the event will be a leisurely stroll around Sheffield’s Cultural Industries Quarter, the second half will be a writing workshop where we’ll use the material gathered on the walk in a number of stimulating writing exercises.

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Poets on Film

There’s been a spate of films about poets in recent years and this got me wondering whether there was still something ‘romantic’ about the figure of the poet in the public consciousness – a strange idea perhaps, given the ever-diminishing sales of poetry. But how successful are films at showing the creative process of a poet, or encouraging viewers to actually read the poets’ work?

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