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Edgezine – issue 2. Want one?

OCA students have been busy again contributing and collaborating for issue 2 of their zine. Edge 2 is called Change and the students have reflected on the word creatively. As a festive favour we are going to print and post 100 copies to OCA students. “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”

Confessions of an art student: Part 2

The purpose of studies is to build you up – strong – like a statue. First with lots of scaffolding but, over the course of time, the scaffolding is successively removed as to reveal a structure capable of standing on its own two feet – even in the strong winds and rain of criticism.

The First Operas: Part 1

When you get the chance to reacquaint yourself with works that you have not heard for many years it is sometimes a delight to reawaken that first initial flush of emotion you felt all those years ago when you first discovered the piece. Sometimes you even make new discoveries along the way.

Let me tell you

While “spellbinding”, “astonishing” and “glorious” are not words common in reviews of 21st century classical music, Hans Abrahamson’s Let Me Tell You – which has garnered a slew of ecstatic praise since its premiere in 2013 – has commanded them all. Despite over twenty performances across Europe – a fairly big deal for a new piece of concert music – the work only arrived in the UK in August of 2016, when it was performed at the Proms by the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, under the baton of its new chief conductor, Mirga Gražinytė-Tyla.

Creative use of Instagram

My OCA students are very adept at using online platforms to guide and influence their creative practice and so it is possible that I am writing to people who know more about this subject than I do…..however, this is not an instruction guide, it is a reflection on my experience of using Instagram to build and inspire my creative practice. I will reflect on how I have developed an online portfolio which reaches a far wider audience than my web site.