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Some like it hot, part ii

Marilyn’s capacity for self-caricature had always been an essential part of her role as an American icon. In her early photographs she appears upholstered and underwired like a cross between Mae West and the Statue of Liberty.

Some like it hot, part:i

The razzmatazz of celebrity endorsements that marked the last days of Hillary Clinton’s election campaign has led me to wonder this morning which performer Donald Trump will now appoint to sing at his inauguration in December. Whoever it is, their performance is unlikely to surpass Marilyn Monroe’s notoriously suggestive rendition of Happy Birthday, which she sang to her lover Jack Kennedy in 1962.

Night Soil

Male mermaids appear in baths; a stack of brightly painted bodies make a human pyramid on a New York rooftop; a woman dressed only in tree branches and face paint hugs a tree. Welcome to the world of Melanie Bonajo.

Samuele Bastianello

OCA Tutor and Assessor Doug Burton looks at the work of Creative Arts Level 3 (HE6) student Samuele Bastianello. Samuele brings together his two subject areas of drawing and illustration in an original and focused way. His dynamic ideas have manifested in books, cards and newspapers which evoke a sociological questioning within ourselves.

Creative use of Instagram

My OCA students are very adept at using online platforms to guide and influence their creative practice and so it is possible that I am writing to people who know more about this subject than I do…..however, this is not an instruction guide, it is a reflection on my experience of using Instagram to build and inspire my creative practice. I will reflect on how I have developed an online portfolio which reaches a far wider audience than my web site.

Study Visit: Gateshead

Join OCA tutor Emma Drye on the 19 November at the Workplace Gallery, Gateshead. We will view This Is it, Isn’t It? an exploration of ideas of self-awareness, self-reflexivity and self-doubt as a core of artists’ practice.

Study Visit: Rauschenberg

Painting tutors Emma Drye and Bryan Eccleshall will be leading a Study Visit for Level Two and Three students on Saturday 10 December at Tate Modern. It should be a challenging and enjoyable experience for all of us. OCA will be running a second visit to this for Foundation, Level 1 and any students who cannot make the above on the 21 January 2017.