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Scroll free September: Interview with Joanne Mulvihill-Allen, Academic Development Officer.

I decided to be a night owl, because a lot of the time I’m on my phone when the football’s on and it’s just something else to do while my partner is watching that. I thought if I put that away then I could do something else more productive. I thought I’d be good at it!

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Study event review: OCA North group

The second meeting of the OCA north group met recently in Newcastle. There were some familiar faces from the inaugural Leeds meeting and plenty of new ones. The meeting began with an open discussion around the function and design of the group, with some different views raised this time than in the previous meeting so perhaps these kinds of groups need to evolve over time as the nature of the group itself evolves. 

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Study event review: Developing sketchbooks with artist Karen Stamper

For anyone thinking about setting up similar opportunities, I would say go for it as there is a lot of support available.  As well as working with an artist and developing sketchbook work everyone was pleased to be able to get together with other OCA students to talk, work and learn with each other. Everyone left wanting to do another workshop!

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Scroll free September: Interview with Emma George, Student Support Adviser.

It was my birthday so I was looking forward to getting all of my happy birthday messages as nobody posts cards anymore – I can’t have a birthday without Facebook! I haven’t looked at it though.

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Staying Connected- A Summer project by MA Fine Art Cohort 2016

As a group we decided it would be a good idea to do something over the summer to stay in touch with each other. We wanted to participate in a project together that befitted how we communicate as a distance learning group of individuals, all living in different parts of the world, digitally connected.

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