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Traditional textile techniques used in contemporary ways – Part 3: Knitting


Knitting has come down the ages as a means to turn wool and other fibres into useable, usually domestic objects. Despite being a highly skilled activity knitting is most frequently seen as a handicraft and marginalised by the conventional art world into a feminine form of expression. As with crochet the technique has plastic abilities that allow the artist to express freely in 3 dimensions. In the hands of contemporary artists and practitioners both women and men are bringing knitting into galleries and to the forefront of artistic expression.

Fiona Tracey


OCA tutor and assessor Bryan Eccleshall looks at the work of Fiona Tracey. He examines how she uses mindmaps of images drawn and collated to relate things together.

Traditional textile techniques used in contemporary ways – Part 1: Crochet


Many OCA textile students come to their studies after years of developing and becoming highly skilled in a range of traditional textile techniques. I am writing a series of blog posts that introduces a number of contemporary practitioners. My hope is to widen the knowledge base of our textile students, broaden your outlook to different possibilities and encourage OCA textile students to create innovative engaging and contemporary textiles during their studies. I am starting with crochet.

Decorex Inspiration 2016


Amidst the serene surroundings of Syon Park, the exhibition was, as always, full of inspiration for the interiors market. The show keeps a tight reign on quality and the exhibitors provide the finest supplies for contemporary and historic interior decoration.

Students are doing it for themselves


Sketchbooks. Context. Presentation of work. Articulation of ideas. Peer-group feedback. What do these topics have in common? They all come high on the list of absolute nail-biters for students of the creative arts – and they were all addressed in some way at the most recent meeting of the OCASA Thames Valley (Photography) Group.

Manchester textiles study visit

Revolutionary Textiles

On Sunday 13 November OCA tutor and programme leader Rebecca Fairley will host a study visit to two venues in Manchester. In the morning the group will visit The Whitworth then move onto Manchester Art Gallery for the afternoon. The day will be full of gorgeous textiles from stylish mid century fabrics to cutting edge fashion.

British Art Show 8: Southampton


Join OCA tutor Emma Drye on the 22 October in Southampton for OCA’s final visit to the British Art Show. The exhibition is showing across two locations in the city, the John Hansard Gallery and Southampton City Art Gallery.

Textile art and design that conveys ethical messages


Following on from my previous blog post about sustainability in textiles I thought it would be a good opportunity to look at some textile practitioners and artists that use textiles to convey messages or evoke discussions about ethical issues. In the post I will use a number of practitioners to illustrate the diverse ways textile practices and materials are used.