A note of thanks

Last week Stan Dickinson, President of the OCA Students’ Association announced that OCASA now had its own website. For many students busily engaged in their studies this might have been seen as the first significant development from the Association which was formed just over a year ago. However this would be a misleading impression, as Stan and his committee members have been working hard over this last year to represent student views. One obvious outcome of this activity is the new partnership statement which for the first time sets out in a single clear statement the rights and responsibilites of both OCA staff and students. The statement is contained in the Student Handbook, but if you want to go direct to it, there is a copy to download on the OCASA site here. All organisations, if they are to develop, need critical friends – the OCASA committee give their time freely and that commitment is greatly valued by the OCA and its Trustees.

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