Fees for 2019/20

We are announcing today the fees which will apply in the next academic year (from 01 August 2019 to 31 July 2020).

We want to keep fees low for all students whilst maintaining the high quality that students have come to expect from OCA.

We provide transparency around the costs of study at OCA, including fees, which will continue to remain much lower than all of our direct competitors and to ensure that once the protected rates are phased out that we then offer every student the same low fees and opportunity to study. We now publish financial information for students annually to explain how the money we receive is spent. The latest information explains how funding was spent during 2017-18.

Last year we managed to avoid any increase to the fees for new students. This year we are having to increase fees by a small amount for all students because of the cost of inflation, logistical costs, and also as a result of providing additional services for students, such as Library collections and learning resources through LinkedIn.

We are giving students more engagement time with tutors from 2019/20 with more opportunity for tutor led peer sessions such as group critiques. Student feedback has indicated how important these sessions are to progression and study success, and again this comes at a cost.

OCA has managed to absorb the majority of the cost of this through efficiency savings however a small element is reflected in the fee increase.

Foundation and Undergraduate

New & Existing Students

The fees will increase by an average of 2.6% for students who enrolled on or after 01 August 2017 and those who do not have protected fee status.

Protected Students

For undergraduate students who started before 01 August 2017 who fall into one of the two protected fees groups, there is an average increase of between 2.6% and 5.2%.

A full schedule of fees is available to download here: OCA-Fees-2019-20


New & Existing Students

The fees will increase by 2.5% to £2,935 for UK & EU students and £4,100 for Worldwide students.

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