Musical Collaboration: The Next meeting of the OCA’s New Music Collective

The New Music Collective will meet again on 17 March 2018 at Iklectik Art Lab, in London. Following on from our work on group composition, individual performance and improvisation, the theme of this meeting is collaboration.

Collaboration can be a key aspect of life as a musician, and can take place in person, or across the internet. Some of my own most successful collaborations have taken place without having ever meeting the composer, and online platforms such as email, Google Hangouts and the ability to share media have made this a particularly efficient way of working.

This project is open to all OCA students, and will involve the presentation of a collaborative creation; participants will be asked to work together in pairs in the month before the event and will be asked to present their work (finished or in progress) on the day. While I anticipate that most of the work presented will be between music students (composers writing for instrumentalists, for example), the day is also open to practitioners from other disciplines who are interested in working with a student composer.

The day will include opportunities to reflect on the collaborative experience and on the process of creating work in this way. The works will be performed in a relaxed, friendly environment, and will be recorded for the participants’ own use.

This is an exciting opportunity to work with fellow students, share ideas and develop your practice through collaboration. The project brief will be sent out by mid February, and students may request a particular collaborative partner, or have one allocated. To take part in the project, please email Carla Rees –

Space permitting, observers will also be welcome on the day; please contact Carla if you would like to attend in this way.

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