Textiles Study Visit: Manchester


Join Julie James-Turner on the 14 July at Platt Hall Costume Museum in Manchester.

The Gallery holds over 21,000 items of clothing and accessories within it’s displays and archive collection, covering all aspects of the history of dress from 1600 to the present day. 18th century fashion and 19th century women and children’s dress are particular highlights. Many of the clothes represent high fashion of the day. Other, much rarer items represent the interesting dress of working people, such as the clogs and shawls of Lancashire weavers. As well as their main displayed collection, one of the current exhibitions showing is “Something Blue: Wedding fashions 1914-2014”.

Students will have the opportunity to look around the galleries in the morning then after lunch we will have a unique insight into the collection as we have the chance to to look behind the scenes of the collection, to handle some of the hidden textile treasures in a specially booked study session. There will also be a gallery assistant present to answer any questions about the textiles.

We invite you to sketch, photograph and discuss the articles, consider fabrics, material and methods and explore details, colour and scale.

Come be inspired!


To reserve your place email enquiries@oca.ac.uk

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