Daniel Crowley


Shifting on a shingled shoreline
I sense the approach of night,
brine is my lifeblood.

Glimmering out of the bay,
moored boats jostle for rest,
brine is my lifeblood.

Overcast, the sky looms large,
sandpipers skip, picking up treats,
brine shores my life.

Gorse bushes festoon the dunes,
lovers find their adult pleasures:
brine is my life’s basis.

The end of the day marks peace,
the moon intoxicates us all:
salt binds the planet.

Daniel is currently studying Creative Writing 3; Advanced and submitted the above poem as part of the course. I asked him if poetry was his main writing practice or something he was new to and how his practice has developed from studying with the OCA.

‘I specialised in poetry halfway through the course and I’ve found that my writing has matured and deepened particularly during this last module. I’ve found the course an enriching experience and one which links the solitary world of the writer successfully to the outside world.

It has been a real help to have a professional poet (Joanna Ezekiel) to help build this link. Writing needs to be cultivated like any of the arts and I think the OCA does an admirable job to help bring this about.’

And as to where his main inspiration for the poem came from;

The ideas for this poem came from three places. The Okazaki Fragments by Ruth Padel which concerns the universe broken down to its minutest fragments, I have a love of the sea and I have a love of repeated sounds like the sound of the sea’s waves.

The imagined sound of the sea’s waves gave me the rhythm of the poem then I wanted to encapsulate the properties of the sea which are also within us, this came from the Padel poem and the repeated ideas of the last lines of the verses came about like an echo on the shore.


  1. nina milton 18 May 2014 at 6:17 pm

    A superb poem and some profound thoughts

  2. Lia 20 May 2014 at 11:04 am

    Really refreshing to see some of our Creative Writing students work – thanks for sharing Daniel!

  3. Daniel. F. Crowley. 30 August 2014 at 9:05 pm

    Thank you all three of you for your comments Yours Sincerely, Daniel Crowley.


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