Fangs and soup cans

As far as the world was concerned Andy Warhol died in 1987 and had an open coffin ceremony, but on Easter weekend last there were reports of several sightings of Warhol in Manhattan, lurking in the shadows near where the original Factory would have been.

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Completely implausible and absurd sure, but what if…

There was an incident in June 1967 where Warhol was wounded. It was reported to the press as a stabbing by a deranged woman, but what was later learned and not known to many was that this woman, known as Vox Superstar was actually a vampire. Obsessed with Warhol and knowing of his own intrigue in the undead, she weaselled her way into the Factory, spending time with him, taking advantage of his desire to make a film starring a real vampire. On this night she made a fateful move and sank her teeth into Warhol.

Warhol’s interest in vampires was first seen in the film Batman Dracula which was produced and directed by him in 1964. Up until recently the film was thought to have been lost. Later he produced Blood for Dracula and Flesh for Frankenstein. Unfortunately the film featuring Vox Superstar was never finished and the existing negatives disappeared after the event.

Following the occurrence and coincidental perhaps Warhol was seen only in turtleneck jumpers and often wearing sunglasses. Conspiracy theorists believe he himself was now a vampire. In fact it is considered his attempted murder in 1969 by Valerie Solanas was from a gun with a silver bullet. Solanas an underground vampire slayer/separatist feminist knew that silver is predominantly used as trapping device for vampires. If the police had not shown up Warhol surely would have met a ferocious demise.

Being forced to become more elusive and fearing for his safety, twenty years later a supposedly 58 year old Warhol decided it was time to cease his mortal existence. Suffering a cardiac arrhythmia, he ‘passed away’ on February 22. As vampires do not have a heartbeat, it was the perfect cause of death.

However now it seems almost 30 years later Warhol is ready for fifteen more minutes of fame.

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  1. duncan Astbury 1 April 2016 at 12:14 pm

    There was a song about the shooting, the excellent Andy’s Chest by Lou Reed.


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