Voyage of Discovery: Potential Collaborations?


A very fruitful way of inspiring new creative journeys is to take something unfamiliar and start working with it. This could be something as broad as a new genre, style, theory, medium or piece of technology. The act of having to negotiate with something different will cause you to apply a new ways of thinking about your craft, as curious exploration helps you to integrate with the new medium.

Some of the most rewarding creative collaborations I have been involved in have been between music and film; a varied and productive area to work in, encompassing films, documentaries, art or sound installations and commercial advertising work.

OCA music student Simon Dermody recently got in touch to share a project that he has been working on, in addition to his coursework, the subject: NASA’s Voyager 1 space probe.



“The background to the piece is the confirmation that Voyager1 has now progressed through the heliosphere, and is now travelling through interstellar space. The first man-made object to move beyond the solar system.

I had just acquired Final Cut Pro which is a professional video editing tool, for my music studio. The online images for Voyager were in the public domain, and were inspirational, so I began to download them and edited some simple sound design into the visual narrative.

Loading the finished video into Logic Pro X, I worked on composing an electronic score that focused on texture and gentle rhythmic movement with slow unfolding changes. Harmonically tonal, the score shifts into a softly abstract dissonance over its final moments, as we see Voyager1 moving out into the “unknown” of interstellar space. Great fun.”


Simon is interested in hearing from any fellow students, artists or film makers that would be interested in collaborating on some video, art or installation sound design project and other musical collaborations. Get in touch on the thread below, via the students forums or by email.

The video ‘Voyage of Discovery’ is below:


Link of video:


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