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OCA collaboration project 2019

Are you interested in the potential for creative disciplines to come together in exciting new ways?  Have you ever considered using sound or music in your work, or perhaps created visual pieces that resonate with music in some way? Or perhaps you are a composer, who has thought about how your compositions might be informed and extended through other approaches.

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Without music, life would B flat

As a youngster who liked to make as much noise as possible, the violin was a natural choice for me… What I enjoyed most though was playing my own harmonies alongside someone else’s tune… Perhaps composition is your thing too, and with a distance learning Music degree centred upon practical work, you should definitely take a look at our courses if so.

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October was Black History Month…

…and as part of this we asked OCA programme leaders to share some important practitioners to point students towards and remember artists and events in the history of the African diaspora. This is list is just the beginning of a longer one we hope, please add to it in the comments below.

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