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We are connected

We’re always excited to hear about student collaborative projects here at OCA HQ. From sketch circles, group exhibitions and fanzines, to an artist’s book that was three years in the making. The latest success is an interactive website designed by the final year MA students.

Night Soil

Male mermaids appear in baths; a stack of brightly painted bodies make a human pyramid on a New York rooftop; a woman dressed only in tree branches and face paint hugs a tree. Welcome to the world of Melanie Bonajo.

If you build it, they will come

A few months ago we blogged about the [(6)] – six alumni photography students who have come together again to create a new body of work. This work shot in Oxford, England and exhibited in Oxford, Canada. To add further interest to an already exciting event the Oxford Riverside Gallery was set up by one of OCA’s MA students Mathew Aldred.

Talking of the auteur?

In the final assignment of the Film Culture course the student is asked to consider the influence of an individual director within the context of a cinematic movement. From time to time an audience can find itself well blessed with works from number of hugely influential and talented auteurs and 2016 has been no exception. I want to consider two directors whose work has resulted me in spending many emotional hours in darkness amongst the company of strangers.