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Study event review: OCA East of England

The session focused around making a mini-concertina book and each student successfully made their book.  In the session, students were shown how to cover hard backed covers and hopefully gained some useful tips on how to glue cover materials and on the assembly of books.

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Regional group: OCA SW event review

Our first OCA SW study day of 2019 was led by Matt White, OCA tutor and former Programme Leader for Moving Image, who led a session on research and critical review. Thirteen OCA students attended across a range of disciplines, including painting, sculpture, textiles, creative writing.

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Study event review: Halifax OCA-North Meeting

Our group comprised textiles, painting/drawing and photography students at all three levels. This, in itself, was an important factor contributing to open and critical discussion. Added to this was Rebecca’s excellent talk on her own practice and formation as an artist and tutor. Following this she led a discussion on work that several of us had brought along.

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